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MPHU 120

The mini mechanical hydraulic pumping unit represents a very efficient technological development given that it is a machine with 120 inches of travel, operated with motors from 2 hp to 7.5 hp for pound forces between 4,000 and 23,000 applied in the polished rod, which has a maximum travel of 120 inches and a maximum speed of one cycle per minute.  

The high energy efficiency of this machine is due to the fact that it rises very slowly and falls very quickly. For example, lift time for 120 inches of travel is 55 seconds, and fall time for 20 inches of travel is 5 seconds. This is the same principle that unitorque units use, being able to decrease the power needed for operation since they rise 20% more slowly than they fall, only in this case the MINI unit rises 94% more slowly than the time it takes to fall. This is why the power requirement for these machines is lower.