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Multi-pedestal System


The Multi-pedestal System Mechanical Pumping Hydraulic Unit use a mechanical pump for extracting hydrocarbons in inactive fields in an economic and efficient way.

The system works by installing pedestals with hydraulic actuators in each well. A tanker towing a hydraulic power unit mounted on a trailer is connected to each pedestal in turn in order to produce between 5 and 50 barrels from each well in approximately 1 to 6 hours.

This operation can be carried out 24 hours a day, as it is not necessary to do any hoisting.

A single hydraulic power unit can operate between 10 and 30 wells depending on the pumping capacity of each one, and can extract barrels in a way that otherwise would not be economically viable.

No oil pipes or electric networks are required to operate the equipment. The collected fluid is delivered directly to where the operator stipulates.