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HSEQ Policy

Serinpet Ltda.,a company dedicated to the provision of Engineer services in the hydrocarbons sector with standards of quality, environment and occupational health and safety or that it meets the needs of internal and external customers; so that management and the organization are committed to ensuring that the operation is carried out in accordance with thewith a focus on processes and risk-based thinking, through the identification of hazards and aspects and the evaluation and assessment of risks in occupational safety and health and environmental impacts, establishing the respective controls for the prevention of accidents, occupational diseases, damage to property, respect for human rights; as well as negative impacts on the environment and on the communities of influence and indigenous peoples, responding promptly, effectively and carefully to emergencies that arise at all levels of the organization, carrying out activities, promoting responsibility, and social and environmental performance to ensure compliance with the objectives and  goals of the organization, promoting healthy and safe work environments for workers, strengthening participation and consultation in the integrated management system.

Senior management is committed to allocating the required economic resources , competent human talent and infrastructure, adequate teams and making strategic alliances with our suppliers, to ensure the continuous improvement of our products. high standards and processes of the Integrated Management System, ensuring compliance with the applicable legal requirements and other requirements signed between the parties involved, in a that generate value added to the company, with scope over all its workplaces and all workers, regardless of their form of contracting or relationship, including contractors and/or subcontractors.

Updated on: 19/10/2023
Version 17

Policy regarding labour relations

SERINPET Ltda., and undertakes to comply with the guidelines to guarantee the disconnection from work, for which it undertakes to: ·

  • Define the guidelines for guaranteeing and exercising the right to disconnect from work;including guidelines for the use of information and communication technologies
  • Establish a procedure to determine the mechanisms and means by which workers can file complaints about the violation of the right on their own or anonymously
  • Establish an internal procedure for the processing of complaints that guarantees due process and includes mechanisms for resolving the conflict and verifying compliance with the agreements reached and the cessation of conduct.
  • Exceptions: The following shall not be subject to the provisions of this law:
    • Workers who hold positions of leadership, trust and management
    • Those who, due to the nature of the activity or function they perform, must be permanently available.
    • Situations of force majeure or fortuitous event, in which it is necessary to comply with extra duties of collaboration with the company or institution, when they are necessary for the continuity of the service or to solve difficult or urgent situations in the operation of the company
      or institution, provided that the non-existence of another viable alternative is justified.

Update date: 10/06/2022
Version 10

Anti-Smoking, Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Policy

It is known that the consumption of psychoactive substances and the abuse of alcoholic beverages deteriorates health, affects relationships between workers, causes absenteeism and decreases performance at work, increases the occurrence of accidents and causes work and family problems, having repercussions on our workers and society in general. According to our HSEQ Policy for SERINPET Ltda., prevention is the foundation on which its operations are developed, and it is the first step to ensure the safety, well-being and health of workers, contractors, suppliers and visitors.

Health is essential at work, for this reason it is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages or consume drugs at work, as well as to work under the influence of these and/or sell them at work. For this reason, SERINPET Ltda. is committed to putting into practice the prevention policy on alcohol and drug  consumption, aiming to minimize the risks generated by this situation in the workplace.

Update date: 27/07/2020
Version 12

Road Safety Policy

SERINPET LTDA, a company dedicated to the provision of engineering services in the hydrocarbons sector, due to its economic activity contemplates  xposure to the risk of traffic accidents, for this reason all members of the company are responsible for the participation of the activities carried out by the organization regarding work travel and commuting. in order to avoid traffic accidents that may affect the physical, mental and social integrity of  employees, contractors, the community in general and the environment.

The organization establishes strategies to raise awareness among personnel, through oriented training, prevention of traffic accidents, respect for vehicular traffic signs, as well as compliance with the different programs associated with the road safety policy.

Senior management is committed to providing and guaranteeing the resources for the planning, implementation, monitoring and improvement of road safety actions and strategies in such a way as to guarantee their continuous improvement and compliance with applicable legal requirements.

Updated on: 19/10/2023
Version 13

Work environment policy

SERINPET Ltda., undertakes to comply with current legislation and other regulations that are issued to regulate the approach to work coexistence. For SERINPET Ltda., it is a priority to promote courteous, respectful and dignified treatment of people, in order to create and maintain a work environment conducive to the development of the tasks that correspond to the company, while seeking to promote the self-realization of employees. The company is committed to the formation of the Coexistence Committee as part of the strategies to monitor the psychosocial risk conditions of the company, particularly with regard to workplace well-being and harassment in the work environment, and at the same time commits itself to employees to provide the means to promote respect for people and prevent all those conducts or behaviors that may interfere with the development of tasks, as well as affecting the physical, emotional and mental health of the people who work in the company.

Update date: 14/05/2022
Version: 11